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Dramatherapy is a form of psychological therapy that takes a non-direct approach with the use of Drama and Theatre Techniques.

Clients who are referred to Dramatherapy do not need any former experience/skill in the arts. The Omáda team are trained to enable clients to find a medium that allows them to engage with the therapeutic process.  

Omáda Dramatherapists draw on their training within Theatre/Drama and therapy to engage clients in achieving psychological, emotional and social changes.


Wellbeing Sessions

Focusing on Meditation, Mindfulness, Breathing and Grounding techniques, as well as gaining an insight into what the brain does and why.  These sessions are designed for you to practice tools you can then use yourself. Great for tackling stress, anxiety and burn out we work with you to create your own wellbeing action plan.

Business Organization

Training and Workshops

We are also able to offer a range of training and workshops for clients and staff teams. Ranging from Stress Management to understanding Mental Health. We create a package based on the skills and topics you need covered.